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Life events for Citizens/Residents
Going to school in Dubai
Checking out higher education opportunities
Choosing a nursery or childcare
Going to school in Dubai
Going to a school for people of determination
Join a library in Dubai
Going to university in Dubai
Checking accreditation and academic programmes
Obtaining scholarships and part-time job opportunities
Applying for higher research or international study
Finding the right university in Dubai
Finding a job in Dubai
Jobs for UAE citizens
Getting a government job
Finding a job in the private sector
Knowing the employment laws
Obtaining your rights as an employee
Getting married in Dubai
Procedures for marriage of Muslims and Non-Muslims in Dubai
Planning your wedding
Creating a home
In case of separation and divorce
Having a baby in Dubai
Parenting a baby and maternity leave in Dubai
Complying with marriage and pregnancy laws
Choosing a hospital
Obtaining birth certificates and visas
Adopting a baby
Retiring in Dubai
Retiring from government
Retiring from private sector
Preparing your will and retirement
Planning your health and life insurance
Obtaining special facilities for senior citizens
Dealing with death and bereavement in Dubai
Obtaining a death certificate
Registering a death
Transportation of deceased to another country
Dealing with burial in Dubai
Understanding of inheritance and debt settlement
Contacting Dubai Government Officials
Report Child Abuse in Dubai to Community Development Authority
Contacting Dubai Government Officials
Contacting the police
Contacting customer care for specific government departments
Driving a car in Dubai
Driving a classic car in Dubai
Owning a car in Dubai
Selling your car in Dubai
Obtaining a driving license and renewal
Driving in Dubai and traffic laws
Going on Safaris
Driving for people of determination
Paying your bills and fines in Dubai
Use solar energy to reduce your utility bills in Dubai
Paying your utility bills
Paying for traffic and parking fines
Paying for Salik and Dubai Metro services
Travelling about in Dubai
Using a tram in Dubai
Using Dubai Metro
Private transportation
Get a taxi in Dubai
Using public buses
Using abra and sea transportation
Buying and selling land and property in Dubai
List your own property as a holiday home in Dubai
Housing programmes for UAE Nationals
Activation of water and electricity
Renting in Dubai
Volunteering and charitable activities in Dubai
Knowing your communities in Dubai
Knowing the right charities in Dubai
Volunteering in Dubai
Getting medical treatment in Dubai
Knowing patient’s rights and filing a medical complaint in Dubai
Making an appointment
Knowing the right medical specialist
Health insurance for government and private employees in Dubai
What you should do in a medical emergency
Dealing with legal issues in Dubai
Settling a rent dispute through Dubai's courts
Finding a lawyer or getting legal advice in Dubai
Dealing with court cases
Knowing federal legislation and laws
Types of courts in Dubai
Obtaining professional licenses in Dubai
Getting a social care provider license or license for social clubs in Dubai
Getting a medical license for doctors, dentists and nurses in Dubai
Getting special business licenses
Joining business groups
Reporting crime and ensuring safety in Dubai
Report a lost property in Dubai and get rewarded
Apply for a drone permit in Dubai
Dealing with police
Knowing important numbers in Dubai
Avoid getting cheated or scammed in Dubai
Reporting Emergencies
Getting a divorce
Reconciliation between spouses
Legal procedures for divorce
Settlements after divorce
Planning your insurance in Dubai
Obtaining insurance in Dubai
Getting your health insured in Dubai
Getting life insurance in Dubai
Insuring your home and valuables in Dubai
Motor insurance in Dubai
Travel insurance in Dubai
Obtaining Islamic insurance in Dubai
Dealing with banks in Dubai
Dealing with banks in Dubai
Getting a car loan in Dubai
Calculating bank interest in Dubai
Getting an education loan in Dubai
Obtaining Islamic loans in Dubai
Obtaining loans for citizens from government
Obtaining loans for Armed Forces
Obtaining a personal loan in Dubai
Obtaining credit cards in Dubai
Practising your religion in Dubai
Ramadan in Dubai
Going on Hajj
Focusing on Islam
Paying your Zakat
Knowing social etiquette and culture in Dubai
Eid Al Adha in Dubai
Donating for charity
Religious counselling through Fatwa
Knowing prayer times and Ramadan calendar
Listening to Holy Quran and religious lectures
Eid Al Fitr in Dubai
Practising your religion in Dubai
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